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Construction project for 4 villas in Mayal, Malaga.

This construction was designed with the idea of taking advantage of natural lighting and filtering out its excess. It has all kinds of comforts (underfloor heating-cooling), PRT windows, etc.
Likewise, the Landscaper is shown as part of the house, integrating it into the whole, being able to enjoy, thanks to the southern climate, an environment that is almost always open, integrating the garden and the fantastic swimming pool in its living room through a versatile intermediate space.

For flooring and wall finishes we have the team to advise our clients on the best porcelain material.

Windows and enclosures comes from the hand of Oknovent.

Calle Mayal, 29649, Málaga, Spain.jpg
C/ Mayal: Productos
C/ Mayal: Galería
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